Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Shahdadkot January 7, 2020

Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Shahdadkot January 7, 2020.

Presided By: Aks-e-Sultan-ul-Faqr 6th Sahibzada Sultan Bahadar Aziz Sb.

Address: Alhaj Muhammad Nawaz Al-Qadri

Organized by: Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen Branch Distt. Shahdadkot (from Shrine of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo R.A).

Annual Tour of Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Shahdadkot on January 7, 2020. Presided By:...

Posted by Islahi Jamaat and Aalmi Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen (Edifying Movement) on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Program Summary:

Praise be to ALLAH! Umm Al-Kitab is present in the house of every Muslim Believer which contains all the information about all the lands and waters. This knowledge of the world is also the heritage of Muslims but we do not have this heritage today because we abandoned the due process inevitable to achieve it. The esoteric aspects of the Holy Qur’an cannot be revealed until man has fulfilled the advised guidelines by the Holy Qur’an. That is, to strive for the way of Allah Almighty.

My friends: The essence of knowledge is based upon acquiring the ardent love of Allah Almighty. And If one gets access to it, then Plato and Aristotle should also envy the Muslims for conquering the universe.  As Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hadhrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) says about himself:

اَفلاطون اَرسطُو جیہیں میرے اَگے کِس کَم دے ھو

Trivial before me is the wisdom of Plato and Aristotle;

Lovers of Allah are the saints of Allah who are the means of knowing and approaching the path of Allah and His Beloved (peace be upon him). Today, the Islahi Jamat & Aalmi Tanzeem Al-Aarfeen have brought to you the message that let us take the path and access which the Holy Quran has called the right path.