Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Vehari on January 1, 2020

Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Vehari on January 1, 2020.

Presided By:  Ja Nasheen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Ali Sb.

Special Address: His Excellency Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali Sb.

Organized by: Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen Branch Distt Vehari (from Shrine of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo R.A).

Annual Tour of Melad-e-Mustafa (SAWW) & Haq Bahoo (R.A) Conference Vehari on January 1, 2020. Presided By: Ja Nasheen...

Posted by Islahi Jamaat and Aalmi Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen (Edifying Movement) on Thursday, January 2, 2020

Program Summary

Muslims across the globe are in turmoil. The reason behind this is the decline of curiosity of seeking knowledge and also the decline of moral values among them. Muslims strongly believe that the Day of Judgment will surely come. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about the signs of the Day of Judgment when you see that modesty and faith have ceased, alcohol and adultery have become common, singing girls and instruments have become common, people speak out against their first Imams. When the knowledge of the world is given priority over the knowledge of religion, prepare yourself for the Day of Resurrection. Today, parents feel proud in seeing their children become doctors, lawyers, and officers but no father prefers to make his son a religious scholar. In our society, ugly practices like girlfriend culture and homosexuality are being promoted through entertainment media.

If our daughter or son gets 80% marks in Matriculation or FSC. Do you think that his first, second, third, fourth, or fifth priority will be to seek knowledge of religion?

Because, we as a father and brother instill in the minds of our children that being a doctor, engineer, officer and businessman is a profession of honor. But none of us, as a father and brother, have ever encouraged them that being a religious scholar is also a profession of honor.

Hadrat Abi Muti’i Mu’awiyah bin Yahya says that Allah Almighty revealed to Hadrat Dawood (as) to take an iron shoe and an iron rod and go out in search of knowledge until that rod breaks and the shoe breaks.

 (اَلرِّحْلَةُ فِي طَلبِ الْحَدِيث)