Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (r.a)

Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) was an epitome of generosity and kindness, the word “Sakhi” means Generous, Liberal or munificent, Sultan is used as a designation for the Land Lord. The Actual name of Sultan Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) was Muhammad Aziz. He was born in 1911; his genealogical tree traces back to Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his Soul) in the eighth generation.

His father Sakhi Sultan Fateh Muhammad was a landlord and professionally a farmer. Sultan Fateh Muhammad (Allah bless his Soul) was a pious, noble Saint and a complete follower of Sharia (Divine Law of Religion).

Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) got married in 1933 with a member of Awan family of Soon Skaisar District Khushab, he has four sons, Sultan Muhammad Safdar Ali, Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (6th Sultan-ul-Faqr & Father of Sultan Muhammad Ali), Sultan Muhammad Farooq and Sultan Muhammad Moazzam Ali.

Besides spiritual education Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) educated his sons with traditional education as well. He sent his elder son Sultan Muhammad Safdar Ali (Allah bless his Soul) to Peer Qasim Ali Shah to get educated and he himself taught Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his Soul) and later Sultan Muhammad Farooq and Sultan Muhammad Moazzam Ali were admitted to a religious school for learning. There both learnt Holy Quran, later Sultan Muhammad Moazzam Ali got certification in Ders-e-Nizami.


He was a true believer in the faith of Allah, was full of patience, tolerance, and mercy and was devoted to worship. He positively kept himself away from all the unnecessary desires his

Focus was only towards Allah. He devoted himself in providing benefits and succession blessing of the Hadhrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) to whole world.

He had a distinguishing personality among the family members even in his childhood. His childhood was much different from other children. He was quiet, decent and sober. His nature and face was very attractive and composed enough to enslave people. He was soft-hearted person, could never see anyone in pain. He always tried to help everyone came to him. At times he made the needy ones happy by telling light and sensible jokes.

No body ever dared at his face or had courage to speak in front of him, unless he himself asked anyone to speak.


Ism Allah Zaat

Ism E Allah Zaat

He was very punctual and always admired punctuality. He used to fix time for meal, if meal came late even few minutes he used to refuse politely but never reduced the time of his praying and zikkar-e-khaffi (remembrance to the name of Allah through breaths).

It was his routine to take tea at 3 in the morning and recite wazaaif (Holy verses) till dawn and after Fajr prayer he used to spend an hour to do immersion (imagination of Allah’s personal name) After that it was his routine to meet people. It was his punctuality that made him to pray on time and never missed any prayer which is not less than a miracle.


He used to wear simple white dress, and a cap or graceful turban, which was his distinguishing style. In the winter season he used to put on warm shawl or coat, but the dress was really simple.


Like Holy Prophet Muhammad (blessing and salutation be upon him), Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo and many other saints, he had no formal education, but was positioned at the peak of saintliness.


His hobbies were hunting, riding, visiting to different places and preaching Islam. He had horses which were famous for horse race, beauty and dance through out the country and still these horses are kept with his grandsons.

Like Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo he often traveled and especially per routine in summer he moved to Quetta. Before independence of Pakistan he traveled from Delhi to Kabul.

Baiaat (Oath of Allegiance) [initiation as a Saint’s disciple]

After birth he kept his eyes closed for seven days until Sultan Bahadur Ali Shah (Allah bless his Soul) came on the request of his father. He took him in his lap and he opened his eyes at that moment, Sultan Syed Muhammad Bahadur Ali Shah (Allah bless his Soul) was the first man he looked at in the world after birth, in fact he was his spiritual guide.

Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) got Baiaat from Sultan Bahadur Ali Shah (Allah bless his Soul). He was too much influenced by his guide and reached to the heights of love and devotion. He always felt great satisfaction in the presence of his spiritual guide and was himself always ready to do the work of his guide.

His passion for spiritual guide was to such an extent that after baiaat he always sought his guide’s company and for this nothing could stop him to travel a lot, either hard weather or injured feet. His poetic verses show that he was impatient to have a look of his beloved i.e spiritual guide.

Preaching & Services for Islam

Different type of people visited him and according to their needs. He always advised them to recite Allah’s names, but it was only for specific seekers. His way to make others understand was unique instead of being conventional. He made people understand with wisdom and philosophy. Thousands of people were his visitors but he granted a few good-hearted ones.

Devotion towards GOD

In the last two decades of his life he was too much absorbed (istaghraq) in state of immersion. He immersed in (Ism-e-Allah Zaat) the name of Allah. He used to immerse all the time. His state of immersion was remembered to his followers.

Once he asked his son, I helped the mankind a lot, anyone came to me I tried to fulfill one’s desire, but materialists can’t be loyal so after my death if someone asks you the recognition of Allah (Devine) or Ism-Allah-Zaat, must award him at highest level but be careful while awarding materialism.


Saints are awarded with power from GOD to change the fortune; even they can stop an arrow after being shot. Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) had numerous miracles in his life but he disliked mentioning them. Although his many miracles are known to his followers, but there is no proper booklet.

Death and Urs (Death Anniversary)

In April 1981 he was admitted in Meo Hospital for eyes’ operation. On 8th of April he said I need not have an eye operation, tomorrow there is urss mubarak of Sultan-ul-arifeen (Allah bless his Soul) so take me home and I will definitely attend the urss. Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his Soul) and Sultan Muhammad Safdar Ali (Allah bless his Soul) insisted him to stay for eyes’ surgery but he refused and said it is written that I will die in Lahore.

On 9th of April he attended the urss, on 11th pain increased; whole family compelled him to go to Lahore. When they were ready to take him to the hospital he said “It is Allah’s consent”. Again on 12th of April 7 in the morning he got admitted in hospital. Even in the state of unconsciousness he performed tayyamum (ablution with signs) and offered Zuhr prayer.

Then he asked for the Ism-Allah-Zat (The personal name of Allah printed with Gold water), he was told it had left at home. In that condition he took his last breath and left this mortal world (may his soul rest in peace).

Shrine Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul)

Shrine Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul)

On 13th of April after his funeral at the shrine of Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) he was buried at present place. Here a splendid shrine and a masjid have been built.

Every year on 12th and 13th of April an annual reform meeting is held there.